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Help to Lose Weight, available from friendly professional with private and exclusive gym in Kings Worthy Winchester

JK_ProfilePicAOK_viridian_james_DSC00753headshot_009_600pxPrivate free initial consultation  with James Advanced Weight Loss Consultant and Personal Trainer. James Kerby is committed to using facts and science, not fads, fiction or miracle fixes. If you want help to achieve real, sustainable and tangible results then why not book to meet James, visit his Gym and see how he can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

You can Contact him via the form on this page or privately and direct via James Kerby on LinkedIn Professional Profile here.

Book your Free Consultation and get a complimentary copy of James’s New Weight Loss Guide

  • Meet James, discuss your goals, ask him questions, find out how he can help you work to achieve your goals.
  • Visit his private and exclusive Viridian Gym just 10 minutes drive from central Winchester in Kings Worthy.
  • Get a Complimentary Subscription to Jame’s Concise Weight Loss Guide.
  • No fad diets, no mystery or miracle foods, pills or potions but facts, science, evidence, and solid expertise you can trust.
  • If you want help and advice about the best ways to lose weight and then maintain weight then this is a great way to get started.

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